Triton Capital vs US Business Funding

for easy, fast financing

Get the financing you need today. More business owners turn to Triton Capital over US Business Funding for pain-free financing and peace of mind.

Highest likelihood of loan approval Offers both personal and business loans
No sales commissions Works for you--not someone else’s bottom line
Lowest payment guarantee A commitment to deliver low-cost financing
Unparalleled reach One application unlocks 30+ lenders
Single point-of-contact Save time with a direct line to a dedicated account manager
Flexible and responsive support Available by text, email, chat, or phone
Soft credit inquiries No impact on your FICO score
Fast and convenient Funds delivered within hours
Experience you can trust All account managers have 10+ years of experience
Proof in performance 100+ five-star Google reviews and over 12 years of experience servicing dealers and their customers

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When you partner with Triton, you’re in good company.

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Triton Capital, known for:

Fast Approvals

Approve more customers with our business and personal loan offerings.

Competitive Rates

A marketplace of 30 + national vendors competing to fund your customers.

Seamless Integration

No assembly required, Triton integrates the application and payment quotes directly onto your website within minutes.

About Triton Capital

Give customers the highest likelihood of loan approval in less time. Triton Capital streamlines the financing process for both equipment dealers and their customers. A single application unlocks more than 30 lenders, as well as both business and personal loans, so you can rest assured customers are getting the lowest rates possible. With Triton Capital’s transparent financing, equipment dealers increase average purchase size, improve the customer experience, and close more sales faster.