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Get a working capital loan for business expansion projects.  As a business owner, you understand the importance of cash flow management and maximizing its benefits through a dependable lending partner. With our expansion financing solutions, you can access capital quickly to achieve short term growth and fuel long term success.

 From the customer-centric rates and terms we offer to our knowledgeable team of Client Advocates, Triton Capital’s commitment to developing a true partnership is apparent throughout the financing process. Flexibility and transparency are central to our approach, allowing us to deliver a streamlined experience absent of the hassle business owners may typically find with other lenders. That’s why more than 80% of our clients return to us the next time they need financing.

 To start your path to financing, simply select the term that best works for your business in the calculator below, and let Triton Capital take care of the rest.

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Loan Details

  • Rates starting at 7.99% Total Interest Paid
  • 6-24 month terms
  • Funding within 1-2 business days

Required Documents

  • Last 3 months business bank statements (all pages)

Estimate overview

Note: This is not a financing approval. A financing decision and the loan amount, term and rate will be based on our review of your business and credit, and subject to our underwriting requirements.

Amount to finance: $25,000
Financing type: Working Capital
Term: 12 months
Sample credit: A+
Sample time in business: 2+ years
Estimated payment: $65/twice monthly

Small business expansion financing that is right for you.

Triton Capital is a leader in the financing industry for business expansion. Our fast, cost-effective process gets you working capital in as little as a few days. Start here to get your working capital quote in seconds.

  • Rates & Terms

    Rates start at 8.99% with terms from 6-24 months. Payments are flexible and tailored to your business, with monthly, weekly, or daily due dates.

  • Our Process

    We've streamlined financing to provide flexible working capital loans to business owners. We tailor loans to meet timeline and repayment needs.

  • About Us

    Triton Capital is a relationship-driven lender that provides working capital loans designed to align with all of your business needs. Get connected with a Client Advocate today.

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