2008: Lessons learned and funding fixed for today (part II)

Triton farmers are hard at work.

Nontraditional lenders harvested a hugely successful crop with daily payments that likewise benefited small businesses, but as the Great Dip of 2008 moves ever further into the past, daily payments are not the crop of the future. Villages cannot thrive on daily payments alone, and townspeople are looking for a new cash crop that will transition them into the future.

While lenders tilled away in the financing fields to produce only daily payment loans post-2008, the visionary farmers at Triton reserved part of its field for a crop it believed would serve the townspeople better in the future. Although it didn’t make sense at the time, Triton knew there was an opportunity for villages to prosper and that the daily payment crop could only achieve part of that growth. Triton worked in its field, nurturing and growing a hybrid loan that utilizes the efficiency of unsecured loans and the flexibility of monthly payments.

The advantage of monthly payment funding has roots in efficiency and flexibility, sprouting user-friendly options such as interest rates at a fraction of daily payment providers, as well as longer terms. Smaller interest rates, coupled with longer terms, foster a much more prosperous environment  in which to grow a small business.

After months of preparation and care, the hybrid crop is ready to harvest, which means Triton can provide villages across the land with a variety of crops based on their distinct needs. A small business manufacturer is not satisfied by the same nutrients as a blossoming tech company, and Triton’s varied field of products nourishes small businesses across every industry.

Triton’s product is already supplying some much-needed provisions to villages near and far, equipping townspeople to withstand any economic changes and warding off any signs of the sinister, feared Bankruptcy. From taxes to inventory needs to equipment purchases, townspeople are rejoicing over the ease and accessibility of cash for their businesses.

To access the benefits of a hybrid loan for your business, let our client advocates reach out to you and understand what your business needs. They're standing at the ready to engineer funding tailored to your goals.