Tips for Selling Green Technology

If you’ve been reading the business section lately, you’ll have seen buzzwords like “sustainability,” “efficiency,” and “LEED-certified.” There’s a reason for this. Green technology sells.

For companies who offer environmentally-friendly products and equipment, it can help your business to emphasize this quality. More and more customers are looking to buy “green” and you should capitalize on all aspects of your product.

So, what can you do to make your business and products more attractive for customers interested in protecting the environment? Here’s how.

  • Green for the sake of green: Selling green technology just because it’s “green” will not go far. Environmentally friendly does not necessarily make it a good product. Customers want to see results, so the best “clean” technology is practical and high-quality, in addition to low-impact on the environment.
  • The bottom line: Chances are your product is cost-effective. Emphasize this! Even if a customer is not interested in protecting the environment, they will certainly be interested in saving money. Longer battery life, better gas mileage, etc. Money talks. Enough said.
  • Certified: Many green technologies come with accreditations from other businesses. Apply for them, use them, advertise them. Customers want to see that you are truly part of the industry. Anybody can say their product is “green.” Prove it.
  • Practice what you preach: If you want to sell green tech, then your business should be using it or other clean business practices. Recycling, energy efficiency, reducing waste output, etc. These should be part of your daily practice, and proclaimed to the world on your website, advertisements, and anything else you show to the public. Walk the talk.

Selling and using green technology is great for both parties. Consumers can cut costs and businesses profit. Everybody wins. Including the trees. So, if you're interested in "going green," then give us a call today. We can finance sustainable equipment, provide working capital to fund new projects, and help your business get off the ground. 877-822-1333