Tom Watson, Bagel Garden

Tom Watson, Bagel Garden

When Tom Watson began the loan search for financing his restaurant, Bagel Garden, he knew he had options. Before he founded Bagel Garden in New Jersey three years ago, Tom was in the banking industry for over 30 years. As he puts it, “You could say I know a thing or two about financing.”

“The word I’d use to describe the process is refreshing.”

“That’s why I knew I had to be smart about it,” Tom says. “Financing is a confusing enough process, and I wanted the best fit for my business.”

As he started his research and began shopping around, he was on the lookout for anything that caused frustration, required too much time, or didn’t have his best interests in mind. “The word I’d use to describe Triton is refreshing,” Tom says. “It’s very different from what I experienced in banking.”

When Tom finished comparing financing, he had three options to choose from. “I did my homework, and I understood what lay in front of me,” he says of his decision.

“I found the whole thing to be faster than I could have imagined.”

“I liked that Triton was very transparent the entire way through. They communicated clearly with me, and I knew exactly what I would be getting. It made my decision very easy.”

The other significant difference, according to Tom, is “the emphasis on me as an individual. Triton took the time to understand my business, my needs, and how I wanted to grow my business. I found the whole thing to be faster than I could have imagined.”

Triton Capital engineered a working capital loan of $15,000 for Tom, which he used for various needs around his restaurant. As summer draws closer, he looks forward to using some of the cash on preparing for the influx of tourists to the area, stocking up on inventory, and making miscellaneous repairs to Bagel Garden.