Dr. Mark Johnson, Berrien Veterinary Services

“I want to be able to focus on my patients,” says vet Dr. Mark Johnson, “and Triton lets me do that.”

For 30 years, Mark has run Berrien Veterinary Services, where he employs a number of doctors and cares for a myriad of species. His clients range from cats and dogs to cattle and horses. “You never know what to expect on a given day,” he laughs.

“Triton works with my schedule and needs.”

Mark reached out to Triton Capital when he decided to grow his practice. Having been burned by past lenders, Mark approached financing with caution. Between caring for his animals inside the office and making off-site visits, Mark has a hectic schedule and doesn’t have time to sit behind a desk to fill out hours of paperwork. He needed a cost-effective, easy solution. “Triton works with my schedule and needs,” he says. “I appreciate the flexibility.”

“The process is fast and convenient.”

Throughout his experience, Mark explains that he has been pleased to find “everything in order and ready to go. No surprises along the way,” he says.“The process is fast and convenient.”

Triton engineered a $50,000 working capital loan for Mark that he has used to pay salaries, grow his practice, and build his business credit.