Michael Key, Key Golf Construction

Michael Key, Key Golf Construction

Michael Key has owned and operated Key Golf Construction for three years. His company specializes in construction and maintenance services for golf courses in Southern California and the surrounding areas. Though he originally turned to Triton Capital for an equipment loan, the two organizations have since partnered together for additional financing.

“I knew Triton was the right answer.”

Michael’s equipment seller recommended that he use Triton Capital financing for the purchase of a skid loader, and to improve his business credit. “Renting the equipment wouldn’t help my business grow,” Michael explains of wanting to build responsible equity for his business. “I knew Triton was the right answer.”

“Triton offers great rates.”

Still, Michael weighed the pros and cons of utilizing financing and wanted to be certain of his choice. Rates and terms were two of the most important factors he wanted to consider in taking an equipment loan. “Triton offers great rates,” he says. “I appreciate that they know that’s important to me.”

Triton Capital engineered a $30,000 equipment loan for Key Golf Construction, which allowed Michael to purchase a skid loader, and further, accept a major contract for his business.

“It’s amazing what the loan has allowed me to do.”

By splitting up the cost of the skid loader over monthly payments, Michael has maximized his cash flow, and as he puts it, “My monthly bills and cash flow are much easier to deal with. It’s amazing what the loan has allowed me to do.” Because the skid loader comes in manageable monthly payments, he knows exactly how much money he can allot to current and future projects.

Since acquiring his initial financing and skid loader, Michael has continued to work with Triton Capital for additional financing, most recently with working capital, that will allow his business to grow.