Russ Smith, Baby E’s BBQ

Starting a food truck business was an idea Russ Smith and his brother cooked up 20 years ago. 4 years ago it began to take shape when they bought a smoker and created Baby E’s BBQ, naming the business after Russ’s sweet baby girl. The last step to solidifying the dream was purchasing the food truck. Enter Triton Capital.

“Triton has great rates and service.”

When Russ met with the designer building the food truck, the vendor provided him with several financing options. “I told him what was important to my brother and me in a loan,” Russ says, which included speed, transparency, and the best terms. “And the choice was easy. Triton has great rates and service.”

“They made the loan process completely seamless.”

Russ says that he’s “definitely not disappointed in going with Triton,” adding that “They made the loan process completely seamless.” Specifically, Russ explains that Triton facilitated strong communication among the

Triton Capital engineered a custom-made $43,000 equipment loan for Baby E’s BBQ, which in turn allowed Russ and his brother to purchase their custom-made food truck. Their dream is alive and well and rolling down the streets of Aurora, Colorado.