Karen Klaess, Fitness1

Karen Klaess, Fitness1

Karen Klaess came to Triton Capital one when she wanted to bulk up her gym, Fitness1. While the Triton team went to work engineering an equipment loan, she continued shopping around with traditional financing, looking for the best terms and service.

She returned to Triton Capital the next day.

“Triton Capital offers better terms and a much better customer service experience.”

“I always do my homework before making an important business decision,” says Karen Klaess. “I looked into other lenders, but Triton Capital offers better terms along with a much better customer service experience. From our first conversation, I appreciated how upfront the team was with me. I appreciate their transparency in every interaction we have.”

“I had a bad experience in the past that made me weary,” Karen explains, “but my experience has been nothing but positive with Triton.”

“Everything was fast, easy, and clearly communicated. There were no surprises.”

Having had unfortunate experiences with others in the financing space, Karen approached Triton with caution. But, she says, the decision was easy to make in the end. I initially pursued funding with a lender but was disappointed with their tactics - changing terms at various points throughout the process. It cost me in loss of time and revenue. My experience with Triton Capital couldn’t be more different than that first situation. Everything [with Triton Capital] was fast, easy, and clearly communicated. There were no surprises.”

Working with Karen and her business partner, the Triton Capital team engineered Fitness1 an equipment loan, which they used to purchase various pieces of gym and business equipment.