Oscar Ramirez, Machinery & More

Oscar Ramirez began working with Triton Capital when his customer asked to use financing to purchase equipment. Having used Triton for multiple loans in the past, the customer was confident he could afford equipment and get it in the timeframe he wanted with Triton’s help. Oscar agreed.

“Triton exceeded my expectations.”

“I wasn’t sure what working with a lender would be like,” explains Oscar of Machinery & More. “Triton exceeded my expectations.”

Oscar manages sales and appraisals at Machinery and More in Temecula, California, and his customer base includes large and small businesses that “usually just pay in cash.”

“It opens up many new sales opportunities.”

Since working with Triton to fund his first customer, Oscar has offered other customers financing to purchase their equipment, which often allows them to buy more than they would without the loan. “It opens up many new sales opportunities,” says Oscar.

“I can see the difference already in our sales.”

“It’s changing the conversation with customers,” Oscar explains further, adding “I can see the difference already in our sales.” Customers who can’t afford the business cost suddenly can afford to buy equipment when they have the loan, and those who were buying from Oscar “are buying more pieces now.”