Dr. Alfred Johnson, Private Practice

Dr. Alfred Johnson is a doctor of internal medicine and women’s health with a special interest in the area of chronic illness, allergy, and environmental medicine. He currently runs his private practice, Johnson Medical Associates, in Richardson, Texas and has served a six-year term on the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners.

“We needed a trusted financing partner, and that’s what we found.”

“It takes more than just doctors to run a practice,” Alfred says with a laugh. Sometimes it’s the most basic of equipment a business can’t go without that makes the biggest difference. When Alfred needed a new air conditioning system for the practice, he turned to Triton Capital.

Alfred explains, “We needed a trusted financing partner, and that’s what we found.” He knows that consistent cash flow and cutting-edge equipment keeps the practice running and allows him and his colleagues to provide top-of-the-line medical treatments.

“The process was smooth, fast, and easy.”

Triton Capital engineered an equipment loan for Johnson Medical Associates, which allowed Alfred to purchase the HVAC system and keep the practice cool. “The process was smooth, fast, and easy,” Alfred describes of working with Triton. “I look forward to our future business together.”