Anthony Gallo, Gallo Custom Masonry

A contractor in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Anthony Gallo constructs custom-designed masonry for homes and businesses, and in his words, “I simply love what I do.”

Anthony, like many in the contracting space, often has gaps in his AR, waiting for customers to pay for the work he’s completed, and he turned to Triton Capital to bridge the receivables.

“The whole experience was very smooth.”

Anthony describes working with Triton as “straightforward and fast.” From the initial phone call to receiving his working capital loan, Anthony says, “The whole experience was very smooth.” Triton worked closely with Anthony to engineer a loan fitting his contracting role, his construction industry, and his seasonal needs.

“I appreciate how fast I got the money.”

“We complete a lot of projects in the spring and summer,” he explains, “and financing lets me take on new jobs while covering other business costs.” This seasonality of his business also means that Anthony needs money on hand at a moment’s notice to accept new contracts, and he found that speed in Triton:“I appreciate how fast I got the money.”

Anthony is using his $10,000 working capital loan to pay employee salaries and acquire a large job. Both he and Triton look forward to working together again.