Zino Altman, Azot

Zino Altman, Azot

“I had no idea what to expect from Triton,” says Zino Altman of Azot, a company that develops medical equipment. “I’ve dealt with difficult lenders in the past and wasn’t looking forward to another challenging experience for either my customer or me. Most of my clients pay with cash, so I didn’t see the value of offering financing.”

Zino connected with Andrew at Triton Capital, who guided him through the financing process, including what he and his customer could expect to happen along the way. Andrew finds that many vendors, like Azot, experience difficulties with equipment financing partners, lenders continuously changing details without vendors’ knowledge.

“Never had I experienced such easy funding for a customer.”

“We will never surprise or change the terms on anyone,” Andrew says. “We value honesty and transparency throughout the entire financing process with vendors and clients. You can expect to be fully aware and in charge of each step.” 

“Never had I experienced such easy funding for a customer,” Zino remarks. “I was blown away by their professionalism. Andrew communicated clearly and professionally, valuing my time. He ensured that my client received equipment on time and I closed my sale quickly.”

“The feeling is mutual,” says Andrew of their partnership. ”We enjoy working alongside vendors to customize financing. It allows them to expand their customer base, and it gives us another great vendor to refer clients to.”

Zino has seen a number of clients, new and old, suddenly using financing to purchase medical equipment. “I was convinced that my clients only paid in cash, even for high-end products,” he says, “but the same clients who were only buying one piece of equipment from us are now interested in buying two or three. It opened up my customer base in a way I didn’t anticipate.”