Bradley Odum, Odum Farms

Bradley Odum, Odum Farms

Like many seasonal businesses, Bradley Odum prepares himself for both the predictable and unpredictable circumstances that a harvest might bring Odum Farms. For that reason, his farm has persevered—and thrived—for 31 years despite changes in weather, economy, and consumer tastes.

“Triton Capital is the right kind of partner to do business with.”

“I take what I do very seriously,” says Bradley. “This is my living, my life.”

He adds that his farm hasn’t made it this far without making strategic decisions at the right time. From choosing his crops—mainly tobacco, soybeans, and wheat—to choosing effectual associates, he runs his business with purpose, and he doesn’t waste time along the way.

“I don’t enter into business agreements lightly,” Bradley says. “Triton Capital is the right kind of partner to do business with.”

Timing is one of the most crucial aspects of farming, Bradley explains, and when he makes time-sensitive decisions, he values honesty, transparency, and efficiency.

“I appreciate the straightforward and fast delivery.”

When it comes to choosing financing, his decision is no different. “I appreciate the straightforward and fast delivery,” he reveals. “Triton clearly explains every step of the process. There’s no ambiguity about my loan.”

Triton Capital engineered a $75,000 working capital loan for Bradley Odum, which he plans to use for sowing his fields and paying salary to his employees. Both Triton and Bradley look forward to partnering together in the future.